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HE 60

HE 60
HE 60

moisture meters for grain stores. Reliable and exact measurements during harvest, drying and storage.


  • Measurement method, thousand times approved
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Official approval*
  • Ease of servicing

*officially approved, e.g. in Germany.


The instruments HE 60 is suitable for the moisture measurement of almost all types of cereals. The instrument can also be used for flours and coarse meals. A total number of more than 200 product calibrations is available.

Easy use - exact results

Grind a sample of 20 ml by means of the hand mill. The samples falls directly into the measurement cell without being heated. Screw in the top section of the measurement cell as far as the stop. The homogeneous press cake guarantees a consistantly high accuracy. Select the product by pressing the corresponding key. After 30 seconds the exact measurement result appears on the display. Correction of the temperature are made automatically by the HE's themselves. The automatic self test also avoids incorrect measurements. All accessories are kept in the housing of the instrument.

Official approval

The HOH-EXPRESS HE 60 correspond to the EU-standard and to the international technical measurement recommendations of the OIML (International Organisation for certified calibration meterology). They are officially approved in Germany and some European countries.

HE 60 for mobile use

This moisture meters is designed for mobile application, to be used in the field or in branch offices. High accuracy on the spot. The integral rechargeable battery allows a constant measurement for 10 hours, independent from the mains supply. Up to 39 different product calibrations can be stored.

Technical data



measuring range


8,0 - 35,0 %


4,5 - 29,0 %


10 - 30,0 %

maize with special measurement cell

10 - 46 %



calibrations (option)

14 (39)

available calibrations *


rechargeable battery


power supply

230 V / 50 Hz

dimensions (in mm)



6 kg

*please ask for calibration list!

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