The Grain value creation chain



Farmers are the starting point. They are cultivating the crops on their fields. By irrigation, fertilization and pest management they optimize yield and quality. At the end they are harvesting the initial quality.

Grain trade

Traders are collecting the material from the farmers, cleaning, sorting and collecting it according to quality groups. Then they are offering the batches to related industries like flour mills etc.


Organizations like the German Raiffeisen cooperatives are working on a similar basis as the Grain trade. They are organized more on a regional level, but sometimes they are also Global players in the Grain industry.

Flour mills

They are related to the bakery industries and are searching for high quality grain in order to meet their specifications. Milling normally means separating and mixing in order to receive homogeneous grain quality in order to receive homogeneous flours.

Feed mills

They are related to the animal farmers and produce specified feed mixes in order to assure improvements in nutrient supply for cattle, chicken and pigs.

Seed breeding

The goal is to improve crops in order to fulfill market needs better than the present varieties can do. Changing ambient conditions like weather and climate are forcing improvements in order to feed the grwoing world population. The improvement and selection of different varieties as well as the official approval needs our support.


Beer industry is also an important customer of cereals. Because the beer consumer accepts only very stabile quality, beer production needs constant and stabile malts from the Malthousese. They have to optimize present grain quality by their process.