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Pellet mill

Pellet mill
Pellet mill
Pellet mill
Pellet mill

Sample Mill - coarse reduction, granulator for lab use

Coarse reduction of feed pellets/cakes to enable the division of a representative sample for analysis. Then this working sample can be fine ground for say NIR analysis. Some NIR/NIT units can analyse the working sample without further preparation, thus saving time.
In connection with the automatic sampling of feedstuff at raw material reception or production the crusher can be built onto the automatic sample divider Vario model 1F.

  • low noise design
  • high capacity 100-200 kg/h
  • low maintenance
  • very competitive price
  • also pellets of very high fat contents can be reduced

The cover and the lid of the crusher are mounted with snaplocks. If cleaning is necessary it takes only 10 sec. to open the crusher. Reassembling of the crusher is also 10 sec. The crusher has a 5 litre collection tray for the sample.

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