Contador 2

5-Channel seed counter

Increase the efficiency of your counting processes

  • Count and fill at high speed
  • Counting rates of up to 5000 grains/min
  • Compact design, light weight
  • Flexible due to easily changeable feed container
  • All functions can be controlled via PC software


The Contador 2 is a lightweight and compact seed counter with an extremely fast counting speed, short transport section and high counting speed. The attached feed container makes quick and flexible use for different types of seed possible. This makes quick sample changing possible without having to run the transport section empty. The new type of feed container and a counting algorithm that is coordinated with it are the guarantee of fast counting speed and accuracy. The Contador 2 can be controlled using either the function keys on the device or via the interface, e. g. with the SeedCount PC software that is available as an accessory.


OI Contador2 R9.2 en

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