Contafill 2

Filling station for Contador 2 seed counter

Effortless filling of small seed batches

  • For all of the most popular bags and bottles
  • Slimline design for free access
  • Number of bags can be preselected
  • Detection of missing bags or bottles
  • Continuous operation or filling stop after one circulation of the carousel


Put seed, e. g. rapeseed into the feed container of the Contador 2. Equip the carousel with bags, hang up and secure. Preselect number of grains per bag and start the counting process. Filled bags can be removed and empty bags fitted continuously in operating mode B. In operating mode P the Contafill 2 fills the first ten bags. If a second carousel is equipped with bags, the two carousels are swapped at the end of the filling procedure. Because of the electronic sensor in the Contafill 2, the Contador 2 automatically detects whether all bags are actually present and skips empty positions without a bag.