DuoLine STAR

Temperature measuring system

Quick and efficient management of the temperatures in the silo and the grain store

  • Minimal installation work
  • Fail-safe and reliable data communication
  • High cable and wireless ranges
  • Wireless bus communication
  • Flexible, compatible and expandable

Usage area

The temperature in the grain store is the most important indicator for changes to the stored quality. Increasing temperatures are an indication of infestation by storage pests or moisture problems. The DuoLine STAR (DLS) temperature measuring system is used for fully automatic temperature control of grain stores, and helps to detect problems at an early stage and make decisions about measures that can be taken to preserve the health of the stored grain. The control of cooling or ventilation measures is directly related to the resulting temperatures.

Easy installation

In order to record the temperatures, measuring transducers are attached in several locations in the silo or grain store. The measuring transducers are digitally connected to an evaluation unit via a four-wire bus cable (portable, stationary, PC software) so that temperature problems can be quickly localized. An external sensor for temperature, humidity and dew point can also be optionally connected. The DLS Bus makes quick and cost-effective installation possible. The cost of installation is reduced to a minimum, since only four wires are needed for the entire remote cabling. DLS can be installed serially or radially, or in combinations of both variants.

The DLS temperature measuring system is individually adapted to your requirements. Do you have any questions or would like to receive further information? Just call us or send us an email, we would be pleased to help!