DuoLine STAR mobile plus

Mobile temperature control in grain storage

  • Combination of silos and grain stores
  • Intuitive Android® app
  • Access point with antenna
  • Can be retrofitted for existing installations
  • Durable components for minimized system costs

Usage area

Fast and reliable delegation of measurement data. Temperature monitoring with DLS mobile plus combines the benefits of a flexible solution with the familiar hardware of a smartphone or tablet. The complete system configuration and temperature measurement is done via the app. The proven bus system ensures digital data transmission of the measurement data via the access point with antenna. All DLS components are particularly durable and perfectly matched to one another. 

DLS mobile plus can be used in parallel with existing DLS medium/mobile installations, which can be supplemented with receiver units and wireless measuring probes.

The app is designed for temperature monitoring systems with a maximum system configuration of 2 silo systems with 22 measuring sensor cables each, 3 grain stores with a total of 255 wireless measuring probes and an external humidity sensor.

Range of functions of the app

  • Setting up the connection to the access point and to the existing WLAN
  • Configuration for temperature measurements (measuring sensor cables), temperature queries (wireless measuring probes) and external humidity (optional humidity sensor)
  • Setting of limit temperatures and critical temperature values
  • Starting, stopping and saving individual temperature measurements
  • Optical alarm display when limits are exceeded
  • Graphical temperature gradient display
  • Creating PDF logs for saving, printing and sending by e-mail (requires commonly available standard apps)

Measuring transducers

Wireless measuring probes with receiver units, measuring sensor cables with suspension head or with floor socket and control module

Detailed quotation on request.


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