NIR analyzer for grain, oil seeds and legumes

Determines all of the parameters for your sample quickly and accurately

  • Large sample volume of 600 ml
  • NIR (near infrared) diode array technology
  • 1500 individual scans per sample
  • Corresponds to the current Standard Weights and Measures Law in Germany
  • Touch screen display and built-in printer


Pour the sample (600 ml) into the Granolyser. The start and settings for the measurement are carried out on the touch screen. The transport wheel ensures that the density is consistent during the measurement. The sample is continuously moved past the detector, and the reflection of the sample in the NIR range is measured. The built-in spectrometer scans within the range of 950 to 1540 nm (NIR). The spectrums recorded by the detector are processed by the evaluation electronics.
The analysis parameters are optically determined in less than 20 seconds. Different parameters are determined depending on the selected product: Moisture, protein, sedi, gluten, oil content and starch. The measurement result is displayed and can be printed out.


The Granolyser has a network connection and two USB interfaces for a bar code scanner, keyboard or USB data memory. It can store measuring data in the LAN of an MS Access® database using the Pfeuffer DataGateway application. A database connection can be established quickly using an interface. For simple processing using the PC (e.g. with MS Excel®), all measurement data can also be exported onto a USB data memory.


You can request the following operating instructions for download. After providing the required information we‘ll send you the downloadlink via e-mail.

OI GLY 1181 R3 en

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