Granolyser HL

NIR analyzer with bulk density module

Increase the efficiency of your grain analysis!

  • All NIR parameters and bulk density
  • Corresponds to the current Standard Weights and Measures Law in Germany
  • Results in approx. 30 seconds
  • User-friendly software, available in 20 languages
  • Touch screen display and built-in printer


The Granolyser HL supplements the well-tried NIR analysis device with a module for bulk density. A large sample (600 ml) is poured in. The touch screen is used to start the measurement and make the required settings. A long-life halogen lamp with controlled light intensity illuminates the sample. The sample material is continuously transported, the reflection of the sample is scanned in the NIR range and the material is then poured into the bulk container. The weight of a 500 ml sample is determined using an integrated weighing system. As well as different grain types (wheat, rye, barley and maize) oil seeds (rapeseed and sunflower seeds) can also be measured. Grain legumes such as peas and broad beans can also be measured. The important parameters of moisture, protein, sedi, gluten, oil content and starch are supplemented by the hectoliter weight (bulk density) in the Granolyser HL. The measurement result is shown on the display and printed out. The Granolyser HL with LAN and USB interfaces also has the same connectivity as the Granolyser.


OI GLY 1181 R3 en

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