Granomat plus

Whole grain moisture meter

Quickly and accurately determines moisture and bulk density

  • High precision
  • Measurement result in less than 15 s
  • Touch screen display and built-in printer
  • Clearly arranged and easy to operate in 11 languages
  • Compliant with Standard Weights and Measures Law for moisture in Germany

Usage area

Precise determination of the product moisture and bulk density (kg/hl) of the entire grain of agricultural grain crops. Standard version for field beans, spelt, durum, peas, barley, oats, maize, rapeseed, rye, soya beans, sunflower, triticale, wheat and sorghum.


The operator puts the sample (600 ml) into the feed hopper of the Granomat plus. The touch screen is used to make the required settings and start the measurement. The measuring procedure is started by tapping the product symbol on the display. An electric motor unlocks the flaps and the sample falls abruptly into the rectangular measurement cell. It is then homogeneously compacted. A brush removes surplus material above the measurement cell. The reflection, the weight and the temperature of the sample are measured. The measurement result appears on the display within 15 seconds and can be printed out.


The Granomat plus has a network connection and two USB interfaces for a barcode scanner, a keyboard or a data memory. It can store measuring data in an MS Access® database using the application "Data Server" in the LAN/WLAN. A database connection can be quickly established using an interface in this way. For simple processing using the PC (e.g. with MS Excel®), all of the measurement data can also be exported onto USB data memory.


You can request the following operating instructions for download. After providing the required information we‘ll send you the downloadlink via e-mail.

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