GT 1 temperature measuring probe

Monitoring the temperature in bulk material

Versatile assistant in agriculture and in small grain stores

  • Large LCD display
  • Temperature sensor in measuring tip and housing
  • Robust probe made from GRP, 0.5 m to 2.8 m
  • Conical or knife tip
  • Simple and easy operation

Usage area

The GT 1 temperature measuring probe is suitable for measuring in batches at different depths and on the surface. It has two temperature sensors, one in the measuring tip and one in the display housing. The temperature measurement is within the range of -10 °C to +70 °C in loose agricultural bulk materials such as grain, silage, compost, hay and straw.


Insert the GT 1 temperature measuring probe into the bulk material. Wait until the temperatures of the bulk material batch and the sensor in the measuring tip have equalized. The exact temperature value can be conveniently read off on the digital display.

The GT 1, GT 1-2 and GT 1-3 are supplied with a robust conical tip made from stainless steel. The GT 1S, GT 1H and GT 1-3H contain a screw-on two-piece knife tip with a knife holder and a durable quality knife made from hardened and sharpened stainless steel. The knife is supplied in a separate case and can be unscrewed for transportation purposes.

Weight: 350 g to 530 g depending on model; power supply: 1x1.5 V battery (AAA Micro)


OI GT1 R4.1 en

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