HE 60 / HE 90

Moisture meter with grinding in the storehouse

A measuring method that has been tried and tested thousands of times – reliable and accurate for harvesting, drying and storage

  • Easy to operate
  • Exact measuring results
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Corresponds to the current Standard Weights and Measures Law for moisture in Germany
  • Also suitable for flour and bruised grain

Usage area

The moisture meters are used to measure the majority of grain crops. A total of 200 different calibrations are available. Crush the sample (20 ml) with the hand mill or optionally with the Milomat lab mill. Then screw in the top of the measuring cell as far as it will go. The homogeneous press cake is the guarantee of consistently high measuring accuracy. Select product, and after 30 seconds the exact measurement result appears in the display. The sample temperature is measured and taken into consideration automatically.

HE 60 for mobile use

The HE 60 moisture meter is suitable for use in the field or in field offices, and is the guarantee of high precision on site. The built-in battery makes a measuring time of up to 10 hours possible, independently of the power supply. The HE 60 can be programmed with up to 39 calibrations.

HE 90 with document printer

The HE 90 moisture meter is accommodated in a hard wood carry case, and is extremely robust. It contains an integrated document printer. The HE 90 can be programmed with up to 28 calibrations. A PC interface (RS232C) is optionally available via which the measurement results can be transmitted to a PC or a billing system.


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