HE lite

Portable and robust moisture meter

The moisture content is crucial for determination of the correct harvesting time

  • High measuring range
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Well-tried measuring principle
  • Average calculation
  • Adjusting facility


The HE lite measures the conductivity and temperature of a crushed grain sample. State-of-the-art measurement technology calculates the exact moisture value from this. The integrated measurement cell of the HE lite is based on the Pfeuffer principle which has been well-tried for more than 45 years: The sample is crushed and homogenized at the same time by special grinding discs.
The HE lite is therefore extremely reliable with freshly harvested grain.
Pour the sample into the beaker built into the top of the measuring cell (11 ml) and put it into the grinding chamber. Fit top part and screw together as far as possible. Then switch on device, select type of grain and trigger a measurement. The measurement result appears on the display after a few seconds.

Average calculation

The HE lite automatically calculates the average of several measurements. Simply select the number of measurements and the displayed measured values under "Average" in the settings menu. The display of the HE lite then shows the average and the individual values after every measurement.

Adjusting facility

If necessary, the HE lite can be individually calibrated by the user. The measurements can be modified around a constant value and a multiplicative value can be modified for each product. The HE lite can therefore be optimally adjusted to individual requirements.


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