Pellet mill

Laboratory mill

Crushing of feedstuffs in the form of pellets, bruised grain, cake and granulate

  • Low noise
  • High grinding capacity 100-200 kg/h
  • 3 kg grinding capacity in a single pass
  • Collection tray with a capacity of 5 liters
  • Also suitable for pellets rich in fat


The sample material to be crushed is put into the funnel and falls through the filling facility into the grinder. The sample material is ground between the grinding pins or the rotating pin roller and the stationary grinding comb in the grinder. The coarsely ground mill material falls through a safety grating into the drawer. The mill material is intended for further quality control by a suitable analyzer. The pellet mill can also be used for the representative determination of continuously acquired process samples in combination with a Vario sample divider and a DVB sampler.


OI pellet mill R4.2 en

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