Riffle sample divider

Mechanical sample divider product range

Made from stainless steel

  • Available in four sizes: 3, 5, 10 and 18 liters
  • Three different numbers of slots: 10, 18 and 34
  • Different slot widths: from 9.8 to 29.0 mm
  • Also suitable for granulates, flour and powder


The initial sample is put into the attached container and closed by tilting it (dividing ratio 50:50). If the sample is to be divided again, depending on the model a drawer can be relocated or the contents of a drawer put into the attached container and the procedure repeated.

Deliverable containers

Container type 1 is supplied with 2 collecting containers, has a closed attached container and is optimum for halving the initial sample quantity.
Container type 2 is supplied with 3 identical collecting containers. It has an attached container with an opening for sliding in and for quick relocating of the collecting container. It also has a flap that opens just before the highest point and minimizes the amount of dust. The closed structure is therefore particularly suitable for multi-stage dividing of dusty samples, flour, granulates and powder.
Container type 3 has an additional flap for alternative use with or without a collecting container.


OI Riffle divider R3.1 en

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