Sample divider

Sample dividing into 8 or 32 subsamples in a single operation

Divider for round robin tests and test series

  • 8 or 32 subsamples in a single work operation
  • Fixed dividing ratio
  • Suitable for large sample containers and quantities
  • Three funnel sizes available

Usage area

The model 8 / model 32 sample divider is used to produce homogeneous round robin test samples. It is also used to prepare internal control samples, which are needed for regular comparative measurements.


Switch on sample divider and put the sample into the feed funnel. The surrounding distributor pipe distributes the sample among the 8 or 32 sample outlets. The sample is fully distributed, which means that there is no surplus quantity. Because of the large number of openings that are coated when the sample is passing through, the sample divider achieves extremely good statistical distribution of the different sample parts.


OI SD Model 8-32 R6.1 en

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