Wireless measuring probe

Data transmission via radio to a receiver

For the DuoLine STAR measuring systems

  • Long radio range
  • 4 measurements per hour
  • Battery service life: >5 years (easy to change)
  • Fully compatible with existing systems
  • Up to 255 wireless measuring probes per system


Temperature measuring probes can be equipped with up to four temperature sensors. The flexible GRP material and the ergonomically shaped handle of the measuring probe make insertion into the bulk material easier. An LED which flashes during measurement is integrated in the handle for function checking purposes. There are no interfering cables which have to be unrolled and cleared away again. The measuring probes do not need to be assigned to receivers. The grain store receiver reports the detected wireless measuring probes, and the operator moves these to the usage location in the installation plan in the DLS soft PC software using drag & drop. The distance between the measuring probes can be varied. The wireless measuring probes transmit the measuring data (temperatures, ID number and battery status) to a receiver every 15 minutes. The receiver recognizes the assigned ID number and is connected to the DLS soft Gateway via the DLS bus cable. The current measuring data is transmitted whenever it is requested by the DLS soft PC software. A receiver covers a range of approx. 40x100 m with the supplied antenna.