Filling station for Contador seed counter

Effortless filling of small seed batches

  • For all of the most popular paper and plastic bags
  • Carousel for plastic and glass bottles
  • Number of seeds and bags can be preselected
  • Detection of missing bags or bottles
  • Continuous operation or stop after one cycle


Put the seeds into the feed hopper and fit bags to the carousel. Preselect the number of grains per bag on the Contador or using the PC software and start. The Contador starts and counts the required number of grains into the first bag. The bags can be circulated continuously or individually. In this way, the bags can be replaced at regular intervals, or the entire carousel can be reloaded at the end of counting. This procedure is made easier by the base for the carousel. This reduces the stop times during the filling procedure to a minimum. The Contador automatically detects the bags using a sensor so that no valuable seeds are wasted.