Company principles

The financial success of our company mainly depends on the competitive factor of quality. Quality means meeting customer expectations to the full extent with our products and services. Quality extends from the product idea to the disposal of the product.

The overall quality, i.e. the efficient design of work procedures and processes in all areas and at all levels of the company, the competence and satisfaction of the workforce and the image of the company towards the outside world must ensure that the customer receives the product in the agreed quantity, on the agreed date, in the agreed location, in the agreed version and at the price that suits the market, and that his trust in the performance capability of our company is retained.

The continuous improvement of the procedures within the company and the cooperation with customers and contract partners correspond with our guiding principles.

Customer satisfaction

An expression of customer satisfaction is long-term, trusting cooperation, with the goal of also fulfilling the future requirements of our customers.

We also endeavor to fulfill market requirements by providing innovative and economical solutions.


We measure the status of our services by observing the market and making competitive comparisons, with the goal of being better than comparable providers in every respect in the fulfillment of customer requirements.

Quality responsibility

The provision of services that meet requirements is the duty and obligation of every employee. In other words, we are all responsible for the quality of our own performance.

Our thoughts and actions must be in line with the requirements of our internal and external customers.

Protecting the environment and social responsibility

Our company considers itself to be obliged to protect the environment and protect natural resources. Our goal is to systematically and continuously improve the ways in which the company protects the environment.

Employee satisfaction

The commitment, social competence and personal strengths of our employees are an important building block for the further development of our company. Our professional competence and expertise is strengthened by intelligent personnel planning and continuous personnel development.

It is part of our corporate culture to agree targets with our employees and to support them in their implementation.

Supplier partners

The quality of our products is influenced by our suppliers to a considerable extent. Encouraging partnership-like cooperation is therefore an important prerequisite in this area as well.

This particularly includes incorporating suppliers in the development process at an early stage in order to ensure that there is a continuous flow of information, a problem-free start of series production and process-safe delivery.