DuoLine STAR link plus

Bus interface for process control data queries

The minimalized solution for PLC-controlled grain stores

  • Direct access to the DuoLine STAR Bus
  • Top hat rail installation
  • 24 V power supply
  • Suitable for ATEX Zone 20/21


The DLS link plus bus controller provides the ATEX-compliant power supply of the STAR Bus, and is the communication partner for the PLC. The "Measure ID" command is issued via the PLC. The RS232 interface accepts the command and transmits it to the DLS bus. The module which is addressed replies immediately and transfers the current temperatures.

128 measuring sensor cables, 1000 wireless measuring probes (via additional receiver units) and outside temperature and moisture sensors can be read out as standard with DLS link plus. The bus topology can be extended to an almost unlimited extent using an optionally available expansion module for an additional 128 measuring sensor cables or longer cable lengths.

The command set includes quick checking for the presence of the modules on the bus, measurement of the temperature sensor cables (with up to 16 sensors), the wireless measuring probes (up to 4 sensors) and the external temperature and humidity sensors.

The data that is determined can be processed directly for the system visualization in a higher-order process control system (PLC, WinCC, SCADA).

Because of the top hat rail design, the bus controller is very easy to integrate in almost any environment.

Detailed quotation on request.