DuoLine STAR link

Bus interface for interrogating data for process controllers

Design your own application and get the temperature directly from the DuoLine STAR Bus

  • Designed for interrogating data for visualization and control (PLC)
  • Direct access to the DuoLine STAR Bus
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • Easy to integrate
  • Including evaluation software


DuoLine STAR link is the minimalized solution for PLC-controlled grain stores with visualization. DLS link has a serial interface which makes it possible for the automation engineer to retrieve the temperatures for process control from the DLS Bus in a direct and targeted way. Up to 256 control modules, 255 wireless measuring probes and a sensor for the external temperature and humidity can be read out using DLS link.
The command set includes checking for the presence of the individual control modules on the bus, measurement of the temperature (with up to 16 sensors) and the measurement of the external temperature and humidity sensor. The temperatures that are determined can be processed directly for the control center instrumentation diagram.

Detailed quotation on request.