Rakoraf CEE

Truck sampler

The quickest and most effective way of taking a representative sample from the vehicle

  • For all agricultural grain crops
  • Patented and tested sampling quality
  • Leading in Europe
  • Automatic transfer of sample to laboratory
  • Operation of weighbridge and sampler

Usage area

The goal of goods inward testing in the acquisition and trading of grain crops is efficient sampling for quick and above all correct evaluation of the deliveries. Sensitivity to foreign substances and lack of quality mean that the representativeness of the delivery samples must be ensured. Correct delivery samples are essential for quality control, documentation and retraceability. Sampling can take place while the vehicle is on the weighbridge.


The sample spear is pushed into the product using the remote control. When this takes place, a proper cross-sectional sample is pushed into the inner tube chamber of the sample spear. The Rekoraf operates using the patented Convac air circulation system. No suction effect is applied to the product. No lightweight fractions (e. g. broken grain, dust and dirt) are drawn in from the immediate vicinity. The air flow only takes the sample which is present in the sample spear and transports it to the weighing room or a laboratory through a PVC hose. There the sample is separated from the air in the reception box (collection container), emptied and is ready for quality control.


The Rakoraf sampler is installed free-standing on a foundation. The positioning must be adapted to the local situation. The working and swiveling range can be preselected, and extends to rotation of approximately 350°, covering a diameter of 4.8 m to 8.8 m.

The CEE model is completely under electro-mechanical control.


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