Full service based on years of experience

Customer focus and flexibility are part of the basic core values of our business. This means that we are determined to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas, from the product concept through to disposal.

This encompassing approach also includes a full set of services for installation, maintenance and repair, backed by highly qualified and committed service technicians with years of experience.

With the acquisition of technologies for representative sampling, we have extended our business reach into the quality assessment at grain and breeding operations. Today, Pfeuffer GmbH is a competent full-service provider with a reputation for shortest response times and on-time order processing.

Contact persons for general sales, services and repairs processing:

Sales Germany

Günter Droll, E-Mail

Marion Will, E-Mail

Oliver Krist, E-Mail

Sales Abroad

Karin Bornkessel, E-Mail

Stephanie Knoll, E-Mai


Marco Kammermeier, E-Mail


Birgit Chrischilles, E-Mail


Frank J. Pfeuffer, E-Mail

Lothar Pfeuffer, E-Mail