DVB 200 / 300

Process sampler for down pipes

Automatic removal of representative average samples

  • Service-friendly design
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Compliant with the ISTA rules
  • Extremely versatile
  • ATEX version available

Usage area

The type DVB samplers are used for the product mixture made in the factory or for outgoing deliveries (loading of transport containers or vehicles), for example. The sampler is installed in a vertical down pipe (pipe incline = 25°). It can take samples in various locations in the process automatically and without a great deal of effort.


Sampling takes place through a small cassette-like funnel, which has a removal gap at the top. This opening is automatically led through the flow of product over the entire width of the down pipe. A correct sample is taken across the entire cross-section when this occurs, not just at the sides or in the middle. The time between the individual samples is infinitely adjustable.


DVB 200, down pipe diameter 50 mm, inlet/outlet 200x200 mm with clamping rings

DVB 300, down pipe diameter 76 mm, inlet/outlet 300x300 mm with counter flanges


You can request the following operating instructions for download. After providing the required information we‘ll send you the downloadlink via e-mail.

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