HE 50

Grain moisture meter for agriculture

Precision for the most important reference variable in combine harvesting – reliability during threshing, drying and storage

  • Easy to operate
  • Fast measurement
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Wide measuring range of more than 30 % moisture content
  • 14 products can be read off directly


Pour the sample (11 ml) into the bottom part of the measuring cell and screw the measurement cell together using the ratchet. Fit the measurement cell to the measuring device, turn the switch to the relevant product and press the measuring key. The HE 50 carries out the measurement in seconds, automatically corrects the temperature and displays the measurement result. The measurement cell, which has been specially developed for agriculture, allows a wide range of products to be measured. The homogenization of the sample in the measurement cell provides the optimum prerequisites for accurate moisture measurement. The HE 50 is therefore extremely reliable with freshly harvested grain up to the high measuring range. The HE 50 can be calibrated for more than 200 different products, and is therefore the most versatile moisture meter on the market. Calibrations for peanuts and false oat-grass, grasses and other grain crops are also available.

Temperature measurement

Control of the temperature in the grain store is crucial for quality and storage capability. The HE 50 is also equipped for a temperature measurement.