MLN sample cleaner

Sieve machine with aspiration and deawner

The cleaning procedure essentially corresponds to that of a normal process cleaning machine

  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • With deawner and aspiration
  • Quick sieve change

Usage area

The proportion of impurities (coarse particles, fine particles, aspiration discharge) and the proportion of quality grain can be determined directly upon receipt using a sample. This makes it possible to accept quality grain and reject batches that do not fulfill the contractual conditions in a targeted way.


Put in sample and start the cleaning process. If necessary, the sample is first deawned for a preselectable time. Then the deawner opens automatically and the sample falls through the aspiration chamber. The lightweight dirt such as dust is extracted by the aspiration and deposited in the dust bag by the cyclone. The sample runs over the straw sieve, which removes bigger impurities, and then runs over the sand sieve. Sand and small impurities such as weed seeds fall through the sand sieve. The impurities, sand and weed seeds run into the left-hand collection pan, and the quality grain runs into the right-hand collection pan. A feed funnel is available as an accessory. This means that the sample cleaner can be used for large sample quantities such as for seed cleaning for trial plots.


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