Sensor cables

Temperature sensors for concrete and steel silos

Compatible with the DuoLine STAR measuring systems

  • Suitable for use in ATEX Zone 20/21
  • Suspension bracket or floor socket
  • Up to 15 temperature sensors on one measuring line
  • Maximum measuring line length: 60 m


A sensor cable is attached in the silo in one or more locations for recording temperatures at different heights in a conventional grain silo. A sensor cable consists of a sensor cable head, a control module, a hollow cable with a measuring line and a conical tip. The control module is pre-wired in the factory
Up to 128 sensor cables (optionally 256 or 512 sensor cables) can be connected to the DLS temperature measuring system.


High-performance sensor cable with suspension bracket for fitting to supports, gangways and roof struts. High-performance sensor cable with floor socket for fitting to the silo roof or for casting in the concrete ceiling. The floor socket is a dust-tight housing which accommodates the sensor cable head with round control module.
Instead of a floor socket, a distribution box can be used to accommodate a round or rectangular control module. Several control modules can be accommodated in a large distribution box. Distribution boxes for bus cables are also available.