Automatic sample cleaner

Dockage testing, sorting and weighing

For a wide range of grains and seeds

  • Cleaning and weighing of 3 different fractions
  • With aspiration and deawner
  • Self-cleaning sorting sieve through ball cleaning system
  • Optional housing for low noise operation
  • Touch screen display with bar code scanner


The automatic sample cleaner is available as an open version or with a closed housing. Pour the sample into the feed funnel and start the process. The automatic cleaner weighs the initial sample and starts the cleaning procedure fully automatically. The cleaned and sorted sample parts fall into balance containers in the two drawer positions, where they are weighed. The software shows the fraction weights and the percentage proportions on the large color display. The result consists of the cleaning loss (aspiration discharge, straw and sand sieve) and the quality grain and small grain proportions. The weighed samples then fall into a large collection container, which has a volume of approx. 180 liters, and can therefore hold more than 100 samples. A pneumatic transport system for automatic sample disposal can also be optionally used. The automatic sample cleaner is also available as an addition to an existing SLN sample cleaner.